The Most Amazing Self Care Routine Products

Amazing Self Care Routine Products

The most amazing self care routine products by some of my favorite brands!

These goodies are essentials and staples in my daily as well as weekly self care routine.

Set the Ambiance with:
Organize and transport your goodies:
Hair Treats To Get Your Hair Up and Out of the Way:
Lip Care:
For The Face:
Dispensing Products:

For example, to dispense products from their containers you won’t need to use your fingers

Cleansing and Massaging The Face:
Face Serum Options:

Tip: applying facial serums with a patting motion instead of rubbing them in like lotion is usually best

Under Eyes:
Facial Oil:
Face Mist:
Before Bath and Shower:
For Bath and Shower:
Phenomenal Body Washes:
Time To Soak:

Glow and Radiance Pure Epsom Salt gives off a delightful and soothing scent as well as provides some aroma therapy!

Body Moisturizers:
Nails and Hands:
Feet Time:

Dry Patch Balm works wonders on dry heels!

Finish Foot Care With:
In closing:

I’d like to remind you to use products and items as instructed by the manufacturer and remember the importance of self care!

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In the YouTube video below, I share some self care encouragement and motivation as well as inspiration!

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