Best Scented Body Creams and Lotions and Butters

best scented body creams and lotions

Best scented body creams and lotions and butters, for me, are from the following brands.

Kreyol Essence, and SkinPotion, and Nativa Spa, and Sol de Janeiro and Lavido as well as basd body care offer some of the best scented body creams and lotions and butters.

Not only do these body creams and lotions provide moisture but they also condition and soften the skin with the added treat of invigorating as well as delectable aromas.

In addition to that they are hydrating and non-greasy.

Moreover, these products are made with natural ingredients.

For example, baobab extract, purified quinoa drops, cupuaçu butter to name a few.

Kreyòl Essence
Sol de Janeiro
Nativa SPA
Basd Body Care
  • Indulgent Crème Brûlée Body Lotion provides the consistency of a body cream which I truly enjoy.

*The scent of both the Mango, Papaya and Coconut Rhum Punch by Kreyol Essence and Brazilian Bum Bum Cream by Sol de Janeiro take me to a tropical beach getaway. 🏝

Recent Release:

Rio Body Cream Trio Set by Sol de Janeiro contains the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and Bom Dia Bright™ Cream as well as the Beija Flor Elasti-Cream™.

Additionally, I do enjoy using natural body butters such as shea, mango and cocoa butter; however, cupuaca butter as well as cacay oil butter have quickly become my absolute favorites!

Also in line with the topic of smelling yummy, I wrote two blog posts about affordable gourmand fragrances as well as fragrance layering.

The blog posts are entitled: 10 Affordable Gourmand Fragrances Under $25 and Spring Summer Gourmands and The Art of Fragrance Layering.

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YouTube video short below ⬇️ features five (5) heavenly and delightful castor oils by Kreyol Essence.

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