Best Scented Body Oils For Soft Skin

Best scented body oils for soft skin and they’ll have your skin smelling great!

I describe the best scented body oils with a popular phase “they’re everything”!

Quote from the Brand:

“As a hug in your skin, Nativa SPA by O Boticário hydrating body oils are formulated with 100% vegetable based and enriched with purified quinoa drops.”

“To boost hydration, increase collagen production and prevent loss of skin elasticity.”

For example the Plum Hydrating Body Oil highlights the deepest side of the plum, bringing sensuality and intensity to skin. The body oil when applied is enveloped by a woody floriental fragrance.

I totally use these oils year round and they are superb for layering with my fragrances.

I love each of them equally, but I must admit, I’m especially fond of the note and scent of vanilla so it’s just something extra special about the Madagascar Vanilla Body Oil for me!

Nativa Spa by O’Boticário Scented Body Oils:

Products may also be purchased on the Nativa SPA website.

As well as the Nativa Spa Store on Amazon.

The brand also has other amazing body care products, for instance, body scrubs and body washes as well as bar soaps.

My ‘7 Body Care Routine Goodies‘ YouTube video also features Nativa Spa products!

Additionally, I have a Fragrance Layering Tips blog post which showcases some of these lovely scented oils.


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