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Personal Shopper and Professional Stylist: About Kia

Hi I’m Kia, Personal Shopper, Professional Stylist, and Style Consultant as well as Founder/CEO of The Glow Up Global!

It fills my heart with so much joy to help my clients feel great about their look.

So after 12 years of styling my private clients, I wanted to bring my talent and services to a broader audience by creating The Glow Up Global.

I like to refer to myself as “Your Favorite Virtual Professional Stylist” ūüėä!

In addition to that, I started The Glow Up Global because I absolutely love sharing the latest fashion, beauty and makeup, fragrance, lifestyle and self care as well as my thoughts and experiences with the items and/or products.

Why the name “The Glow Up Global”?

Well I want my reach to be global!

Also throughout my time as a stylist and style consultant, I recognized each path to the GLOW UP looked a little different and it finally hit me…

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing over the years is assisting my clients with their Glow Up.

It is my belief that you deserve a personal touch when it comes to your Glow Up experience.

One of my favorite taglines is “I Want You to Win” #iwantyoutowin!

My blog posts are tailored around doing just that helping you succeed with your Glow Up as well as showcasing my personal shopper and professional stylist eye for selecting stunning outfit options.

Let Me Style You

Book your appointment (consultation) today!

I provide personalized wardrobe or closet makeover as well as for fashion and style guidance in addition to other lifestyle related services.

Appointments and consultations are virtual therefore I can bring my services to you anywhere in the world!

In addition connect with me on Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest as well as TikTok.

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