Denim Skirts Halter Tops Tube Tops Scarf Tops

denim skirts and halter tops

Denim skirts, halter tops as well as tube tops and scarf tops for the comfy but cute outfit of the day #ootd options and inspiration!

The denim skirts and halter tops as well as tube tops and scarf tops included in the YouTube video above are from various designer brands.

Denim Skirts
Denim Skirts not Included in the YouTube Video Above:
Halter Tops:
Tube Tops:
Scarf Tops:


Alternatives to purchasing a ready made scarf top:

Create and style your own top by using a scarf, for example, the Andrea Iyamah Skalo Eucalyptus Scarf as well as 100% Silk Scarf by Bellonesc.

Moreover the Bellonesc silk scarf is available in over a dozen colors, for instance, pink, yellow and green.

Furthermore, there are a few two toned gradient color versions of the Bellonesc 100% silk scarf.


In addition, here are some footwear options that perfectly complement these adorable denim skirts and tops:


As well as the perfect accessories, for example, sunglasses and sculpted waist chain and anklets as well as handmade; unique; and basket style; handcrafted; and distinctive; and cultural and statement earrings as well as dainty jewelry.

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