Lifestyle, Femininity, The Glow Up and more!

I share advice focused on “Girl Talk” matters and scenarios…

Although it began organically, I initially didn’t foresee it taking shape.

However over time by sharing advice on topics like self care as well as dating and relationships, with my style clients, it just became a natural part of my role as a professional stylist and image consultant.

The *G.L.O.W. newsletter which is focused on sharing “Girl Talk” matters and scenarios came about as a result me sharing advice. 

Moreover, I began to recognize each path to the ‘GLOW UP’ looked a little different. 

And I truly believe you deserve a personal touch when it comes to your ‘Glow Up’ experience.

One of my favorite taglines is “I Want You to Win” !

 I tailor my YouTube videos and blog posts as well as the G.L.O.W. newsletter around doing just that helping you succeed with your ‘Glow Up’.

So you can win!


You can connect with me to schedule your 1 on 1 Glow Up style session.

I look forward to connecting with you.

*Please know that you will not be bombarded with G.L.O.W. newsletters.

For example, the newsletters are usually sent out quarterly and occasionally on a monthly basis 🙂.

The topic of the most recent newsletter was “Are You An Emotionalist or A Strategist”?

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