Outremer Eau De Toilettes Fragrances

The Rose and Vanille scented Outremer Eau de Toilettes are my favorites and I consider them to be some of the best single note rose and vanilla fragrances.

I really like the rose and vanille scents because I smell pretty and feminine when I wear either of them

Moreover, I use each of them on their own but I really love adding a few sprays of each to my fragrances and perfumes of the day that have the note of rose or vanilla respectively

Furthermore, there are times when I add a few sprays of the rose or vanilla eau de toilettes to my lotion or body cream before applying them.

Outremer eau de toilettes are also available in the Bergamote as well as Oceane scents

The available bottle sizes are 15ml (.5 fl oz.) as well as 50ml (1.6 fl oz).

Each eau de toilette is housed in an exquisite Art Deco-inspired glass bottle that recalls the bucolic landscapes and bustling cityscapes of France, where each unique Outremer fragrance is conceptualized and distilled.

Scent profile and descriptions:

Rose: Romantic notes of fresh-cut florals. (FLORAL)

Vanille: A powdery, delicately spiced vanilla blend. (SPICE)

Bergamote: Fresh notes of tangy lemon and orange above a bright floral bouquet. (FRESH)

Oceane: Notes of sea salt atop an aromatic marine base. (FRESH)

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There are even Extract de Parfums like Vanille Perfume Extract which is categorized as “Intoxicating Vanilla”.


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YouTube video short above showcases vanilla base perfumes that will have you smelling sweet and yummy

Also men love these on women!

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