Quick Closet Makeover Essentials and Tips

Quick Closet Makeover Essentials

Quick closet makeover essentials and tips!

What every girl needs for a quick closet makeover are great quality hangers – they really make a big difference!

Great quality hangers not only serve to provide an appealing aesthetic but also help preserve the shape of your garments.

Two of my favorite quick closet makeover essentials are satin padded hangers and velvet hangers.

For the satin hangers I prefer the ones with the metal hook vs the plastic covered hook.

I found that over time the plastic covered hooks may begin to fray which leads to your clothes getting snagged and we don’t want that now do we?

Here are 6 different hanger styles:

Squared AwaySatin Padded Hangers

  • Comes in a set of 5
  • One color choice: Natural
  • They have a plush and elegant padded design

ORG Slim Grips Shirt Hangers

  • Set of 16
  • Two color choices: Grey (pictured) and White
  • “Instantly create more hanging closet space with the ORG Slim Grips Hangers.
  • The ultra-slim profile takes up less space than other hangers
  • Non-slip padding keeps clothes in place and allows for wet or dry garments  
  • Soft rubber no-slip padding helps keep clothes on the hanger.”

ORGSlim Grips Hangers

  • 16 in a set
  • Five color choices: Rosewater (pictured); also comes in Aqua; Black; and Grey; as well as White
  • Slim design maximizes closet hanging space
  • Non-slip pads prevent clothes from sliding off
  • Chrome plated hook swivels for multi-directional hanging

Only Hangers Inc. Padded Hanger with Hook and Clip for Skirt and Pants

  • Comes in set of 6
  • Color choices: Ivory (pictured) also comes in Black

Gemma Violet Abdiel Wood Non-Slip Standard Hanger for Dress and Shirt as well as Sweater

  • Available in set of 8
  • Color choices: Pastel (pictured); Bone and Earthtone are also available 

Amazon Basics Velvet Hangers pictured in Black

  • 30; and 50; as well as set of 100 available 
  • 11 color stories available
  • For example: Black with Rose Gold hook; Blush Pink with Gold hook; and Mint Green with Silver hook
A Premium Style:

Cedar Wood Suit Hangers with Solid Bar and Notches as well as Chrome Swivel Hook


Need assistance with your closet makeover and organization?

I’m here to help – book a consultation with me today!

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