Top Products For Reducing Dark Spots

Top products for reducing dark spots, and discoloration as well as hyperpigmentation!

My top five products for reducing dark spots; discoloration and hyperpigmentation are by the brand Evagloss as well as Koji White.

First (4) four are each by…

  1. Dark Spot Corrector Serum contains kojic acid as well as natural ingredients and can be used on the face and body
  2. Lightening Cream Dark Spot Corrector works for face, underarm and body
  3. Bumps Solution – After Shave Repair Serum offers relief from ingrown hairs and the dark spot corrector skin lightening is a roll-on
  4. Kojic Acid Serum contains *arbutin and is for face and body
    • arbutin is a more potent skin brightener as compared to vitamin C. It works like hydroquinone in lightening dark spots albeit, without the negative side effects

Evagloss‘ website provides additional information about the products, in case you want to know more.

The 5th product is the Kojic Acid and Papaya Skin Brightening Soap by Koji White

Hyaluronic acid is among its ingredients in the Kojic acid and papaya skin brightening soap additionally  it’s hypoallergenic.

“Use the soap on face and body to help with dark spot, acne scars as well as uneven skin tone”.

Papaya and Kojic Formula:

“Has a unique combination of papaya enzymes and kojic acid.”

Koji White states it’s “very powerful and effective so you can naturally and safely your skin.”

“This soap also has a refreshing tropical scent so you can have a pleasant spa experience every time you use it” according to the brand.


I am sharing “top products for reducing dark spots” for informational purposes, therefore, content in this post is not intended to substitute or circumvent any advice or recommend provided by your licensed health care professional.


Use products according to and/or as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


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Products mentioned in the YouTube video below:

  1. Gigi No Bump Body Scrub and No Bump Roll On
  2. KinRose Care Aloe Vera Gel
  3. Fruit of the Earth® Aloe Vera Gel; it can also be purchased at Walmart.
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