Top Ways To Stay Fresh and Cool During Warmer Weather

Top 7 Ways To Stay Fresh and Cool

Top ways to stay fresh and cool during warm weather especially the hotter summer months!

Top 7 Ways To Stay Fresh and Cool:
First Way:

Stay Hydrated

*Coconut Water and Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water are my preferred beverages of choice to keep cool and stay hydrated.

Moreover, I really love that Acqua Panna is also available in a glass bottle and can be purchased at supermarkets as well as grocery stores.  It’s also available at here.

*The Sprouts Market brand of coconut water is my forever favorite.

In my opinion, it’s the only one that comes close to the ‘real thing’, however I will settle for other brands when a Sprouts market isn’t nearby.

Second Way:

Ladies, let’s make every effort not to overexert ourselves.

Also seek indoor and outdoor areas that provide the means for you to remain cool.

Third Way:

Wear 100% Cotton as well as Linen Clothing for example:

Fourth Way:

Use a Parasol

I absolutely enjoy using a parasol to shade me from the sun

A parasol is typically constructed from more delicate fabrics such as silk; and linen as well as canvas

However, unlike an umbrella, the parasol is used for protection from exposure to the sun.

Fifth Way:

In addition to a parasol, I’m also extremely fond of straw and sun hats to help with keeping me cool and blocking the sun.

Speaking of sun protection, remember to protect your eyes as well.

Here are some splendid affordable and high end as well as luxury brand sunglasses.

Sixth Way:

Apply and use body powders as well as an anti-friction stick


Seventh Way:

Utilize deodorant wipes and travel size deodorant to freshen up when you’re out and about

For example, Pacifica Coconut and Gardenia Underarm Deodorant Wipes accompanied by SmartyPits travel size Deodorant


Additional Warm Weather Fashion:

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